AGVIQ Environmental Services, LLC


To create value and economic viability for Point Hope, Alaska, by empowering, training and providing opportunity through employment and business opportunities for our shareholders.

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Agviq Environmental Services LLC (AES) is a newly established company formed on April 26, 2017 that specializes in environmental remediation services in Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Continental United States. AES entered the small business administration 8(a) program in April 2018.

Our Corporate history began when our parent company, Tikigaq Corporation, was formed in 1971 under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), under which, AES is a wholly owned subsidiary with its principal office located in Wasilla, Alaska. AES is currently executing environmental remediation services on the North Slope Borough facilities in Alaska and other environmental services under other existing contracts.

In addition, Tikigaq Corporation provides added value to AES through existing corporate relationships. Tikigaq Corporation has accumulated 17 years of successful environmental project execution in more than 25 States, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and abroad. AES is lead by David Leadenham, who is a 40 year veteran from the environmental business sector with the knowledge and management expertise for positioning AES for the future. Tikigaq Corporation and the leadership in AES is operationally valuable and strategically beneficial for AES by providing the opportunity to produce the same high quality service as a result of direct access to experienced personnel that will provide industry leading expertise in environmental remediation services, consistent corporate strategic awareness, and other readily available resources at existing work/office locations. With that, we believe our abilities to execute multiple and simultaneous tasks will be supported as a result of the following:

* Our utilization of highly skilled, effectively trained and diversely experienced Program/Project  and Site Managers that possess proven abilities to execute and manage any size project at any geographic location.
* The development and application of a Contract Management System (CMS) that provides effective business tools and work practices for our management teams during the life cycle of a project.
* The utilization of geographically established pre-qualified vendors and subcontractors.
* Our well established business practice of proposing a self perform or subcontract execution model.
* The implementation of a DCMA approved procurement system.
* Utilization of audited and approved accounting systems, estimating practices, time reporting procedures, and resource allocation processes.
* Utilization of a proven behavior based loss prevention safety and excellence program to enhance operational awareness and promote safe work environments.


We are dedicated to providing environmental stewardship as we establish Tikigaq Corporation with a profitable company that facilitates shareholder employment and professional development opportunities in the federal and commercial area of remediation services.

Agviq Environmental Services LLC current customers to are:

North Slope Borough
Defense Logistics Agency
EA Engineering Science & Technology AECOM


As sustainable work is achieved from our core selection of customers, we will expand to other customers and diverse geographic locations.

Our Company and Corporate Vision Statement
“Through respect of shareholder ownership and tradition, with a foundation of trust and unity, we will sustain profitability, culture, and success”.

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Project Experience

Agviq Environmental Services, LLC is contracted to consolidate surface debris and remove petroleum contaminated soil from NW Alaska location(s). Deployment of all resources necessary to execute the field work will require effective planning. All work will be executed utilizing trained and experienced personnel for the 3-4 month duration.

Agviq Environmental Services, LLC is contracted to perform environmental sampling services in SE Alaska location(s). Field technicians will utilize proper sampling devices and techniques to obtain well and soil samples.

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Key Personnel

David Leadenham, Environmental Division Manager/General Manager Agviq Environmental Services, LLC

Mr. Leadenham has more than 43 years of experience in environmental remediation service project and program management. Over the past 17 years, Mr. Leadenham has managed  Agviq LLC, a Tikigaq wholly owned subsidiary, through a successful 8(a) graduation, an effective 9 year Mentor-Protégé Program, into a preferred Small Business environmental service provider to commercial and Department of Defense Agencies.  In support of Agviq’s environmental mission, Mr. Leadenham directly supported more than $300 million in contract capacities generated from more than 250 individual projects.  His attention to safety resulted in more than 105 consecutive months without incurring a lost time incident, and execution results maintained a high level 1 award fee ratings. His intimate understanding of the Tikigaq mission and vision will directly benefit the advancement of Agviq Environmental Services, LLC.

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AGVIQ Environmental Services, LLC

Contact: David Leadenham

Wasilla Alaska office

701 S Knik Goose Bay Road, Suite B

Wasilla, Alaska 99654

Phone: (907) 864-6175

Fax: (907) 864-6185


Virginia Beach Office

2809 S Lynnhaven Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone: (757)-275-7390

Fax: (757) 318-9421


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