Bell/Tikigaq, J.V.


Bell/Tikigaq was created as a Joint Venture in May of 2008. Its primary contract is with the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, providing survey work along the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). Since the start of its contract, Bell/Tikigaq has added Global Position Systems (GPS), 3D laser scanning, and digital levels to its fleet of traditional survey instruments used in operations along the 800-mile pipeline and its facilities. Crews work year-round from Bell’s main construction offices located in Fairbanks and Valdez, Alaska; management support is provided from its Anchorage headquarters. Construction surveying includes locating and marking the underground pipeline and other utilities, staking new and/or upgraded infrastructure, and monitoring digs for repairs to existing systems. The pipeline right-of-way (ROW) is continually located in conjunction with work being performed.  Route surveys to layout new roads, pads, and pipelines are regularly performed as well. Other typical surveys performed along the TAPS are control, topographic, as-built/design, subsidence, flood and earthquake fault monitoring, and corrosion investigations.

Up to 50 employees work simultaneously along the pipeline and within its facilities, providing high-quality surveying systems. With years of project experience, Bell’s managers are well equipped in preparing estimates, work orders, and reports required by Alyeska; they also train employees to oversee field crews to ensure they are following Alyeska standards and procedures, including Operator Qualifications (OQs). Bell’s extensive TAPS work experience and immense knowledge of the uses of Alyeska’s databases, Engineering Data Management (EDM), and Survey Data Management (SDM) have contributed to the success of this contract.

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Project Experience

Bell/Tikigaq has worked with other organizations including:

  • Army NAF Contracting (Topographic Survey)
  • New Horizons Telecom (Survey Support)
  • Petro Star, Inc. (Survey Support)
  • U.S. ACA Element, Pacific (Site Survey)

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Bell/Tikigaq, J.V.

Contact: F. Robert Bell

801 W. Fireweed Lane

Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Phone: (907) 274-5257

Fax: (907) 341-2211

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