NGL International, LLC

Contact: Jane Treadway

301 W. Northern Lights Blvd., Suite 660

Anchorage, AK 99502

Phone: (907) 301-3601

Fax: (907) 365-6250

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Key Personnel

Jane Treadway

Mrs. Treadway has over 30 years of experience in logistics, sales and purchasing.  She is the first point of contact for NGLI and is based in Anchorage, AK. 

Mindy Huston

Ms. Huston is the Operations Lead in our Anchorage office.  She has 10 years of experience in logistics, warehousing and program management.  Ms. Huston also holds a Hazardous Materials Handling certification for air and trucking.

Paul Gillett

Mr. Gillet is a director of NGLI and has been in the logistics business for 30 years. Paul spent over 10 years in the Middle East, with particular focus and support of the U.S. Government’s logistics efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, spending significant time in both countries. Mr. Gillett has travelled and operated in many parts of the world with significant international experience in the provision of end-to-end, customized and often complex logistical solutions. He is responsible for all of NGLI’s global operations.

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Freight Services

NGLI delivers domestic and international freight movement solutions. Our professional team possesses the expertise necessary to manage the movement of freight worldwide, offering efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Freight Forwarding

NGLI has assembled a comprehensive portfolio of Global Freight Forwarding services, as stand-alone or bundled together, creating innovative supply chain solutions by both air and ocean. We are a single source that provides access to our global network, comprehensive services and visibility systems to assist with the management of your freight shipments.

Air Freight

NGLI takes away the challenges of dealing with multiple carriers that distract you from your core business and manages the shipment of your time-sensitive goods. We constantly meet our customers’ freight deadlines through our portfolio of global air freight providers, while offering competitively priced solutions. We guarantee reliability with our global door-to-door services, with reach to countries around the world.

Ocean Freight

NGLI offers a full array of global ocean freight and transportation services. We handle any size shipments, from less-than-container to full container loads, special equipment, hazmat material and oversized cargo. Our online tracking system provides visibility of critical milestones through the journey. From any origin or destination, we provide streamlined freight forwarding to manage the documentation, pickup and delivery of your cargo; we facilitate the entire forwarding process.

Rail/Intermodal and Road Freight

Effective transportation and freight management is critical to your success. You can count on us to provide the transportation and freight services that meet your needs. We can provide cost-effective rail options, trailer-on-flat car service, climate controlled trailers or truckload services to manage your freight whether you need a dedicated fleet or a one-time move.

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Project Experience

Strategic and Scenario Planning

NGLI provides strategic planning and visioning services for organizations facing significant challenges using techniques and tools for supply chain management.

Logistic Services

NGLI is a leading provider of outsourced logistics and transportation management services. We maintain a comprehensive portfolio providing a range of domestic and international transportation and logistics that allow our clients to choose the context that works best for their strategy, from targeted third party support to turnkey managed logistics. Our global network, methods, and technology supports highly integrated, flexible and insight-rich services with unsurpassed visibility and actionable data across all freight modes, enabling our clients’ products to be handled and delivered safely, reliably and economically. NGLI’s team of engineers, logisticians and technology professionals have in-depth industry experience, providing an exceptional understanding of clients’ business requirements inside and out. The unique combination of qualifications NGLI brings to the market—know-how, experience, network, technology and range—enables clients to capture supply chain advantages and achieve substantial savings.

NGLI offers customers a complete suite of logistics services in all modes of transport, globally. We tailor service offerings to meet client needs to provide any service from a single point solution to a complete logistics process. We do not own any transportation equipment, warehouses, or terminals, allowing us to negotiate as an independent, neutral party in the marketplace, acting on the best interest of our clients. NGLI manages all aspects of the supply chain, from inbound sourcing and delivery logistics, through outbound shipment, handling, consolidation, deconsolidation, distribution and delivery of end products. Through our transportation management system, we provide clients with cargo planning, tendering, shipment, visibility and configurable event management, freight audit and payment, and management reporting.


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Project Management

NGLI’s team of experienced project managers roll out large scale projects providing coordination, communication and budget management to assure that our customer’s projects are completed on schedule and within budget.

Workflow Process

Initiation involves starting up the project, by documenting a business case, feasibility study, terms of reference, appointing the team and setting up the project.

Planning involves setting out the roadmap for the project by creating the following plans: project plan, resource plan, management plan, financial plan, quality plan, acceptance plan and communications plan.

Execution involves building the deliverables and controlling the project delivery, scope, costs, quality, risks and issues.

Closure involves winding-down the project by releasing staff, handing over deliverables to the customer and completing post implementation review.

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Supply Chain

NGLI is uniquely positioned to develop end-to-end solutions. Our comprehensive service portfolio and advanced IT systems combined with our worldwide network make us a global provider to turn to when you want a single, trusted source for your supply chain needs. We understand the complexity of supply chains and just-in-time delivery because we’ve spent years managing supply-chain operations. Our successful end-to-end solutions are the result of adept systems integration, experience, and proven ability to deliver high-quality service. We are a superior company that brings personality, reputation, integrity and technical excellence to the production and delivery of supply chain systems.

We leverage the capabilities of GPS, logistics, and our global presence to enhance the efficiencies and effectiveness of supply chain processes.  Our services are related to the analysis, design, implementation, support and sustainment of supply chain management processes.

We address the supply chain process as a whole, not just the individual components, to maximize installation productivity, improve the speed of deployment, mitigate risk and lower the total cost of deployment. NGLI possesses a world-class team of project managers, engineers, business process analysts, instructors and technical professionals.  NGLI delivers the complete supply chain solution from start to finish in all environments and locations.

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NGL International, LLC (NGLI) is a small logistics company with large business depth, resources and means. As a leading provider of logistics solutions, we leverage the capabilities of our global presence to enhance the efficiencies and effectiveness of supply chain processes. Logistics is the science of managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources like products, services and people, from the source of production to the marketplace. Our logistical support involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, packaging and management.

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