Point Hope Native Store

The Point Hope Native Store (PHNS) is the only general store in Point Hope, Alaska and provides a great service to the residents of the community. The store is 100 percent operated by Point Hope residents and 100 percent of those employees are Alaska Native Corporation shareholders. The store carries goods ranging from groceries, personal care items, to hardware, lumber and much more. Most of the residents of Point Hope buy the majority of their groceries from PHNS, and some order items from urban Alaska cities in addition to what they purchase at the store.

For more information on PHNS, please call 907-368-3000.

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TC Fuel, LLC

Tikigaq Corporation operates TC Fuel, LLC in Point Hope, Alaska. TC Fuel provides gas, diesel, and propane to the residents of Point Hope for a reasonable price per gallon. This is the only fuel station in Point Hope, and is owned by the North Slope Borough. Fuel is delivered to Point Hope via barge in the spring and in the fall before the sea ice moves in.

TC Fuel, LLC

Contact: Clark Lane

P.O. Box 9

Point Hope, AK 99766

Phone: (907) 368-2235

Fax: (907) 368-2668

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Whaler’s Inn

Tikigaq Corporation owns and operates the Whaler’s Inn, a motel in Point Hope. The Whaler’s Inn hosts 20 rooms, which are available for single or double occupancy. There are communal shower and restroom facilities as well as a common area with a refrigerator/freezer, toaster and microwave. There is also a restaurant located on premise, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

For more information on the Whaler’s Inn, or to make room reservations, please call 907-368-3000.

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