Company Overview

Tikigaq-Cenergy provides workforce solutions for the oil and gas industry. With unique arctic experience, we provide specialized energy personnel, safety services, rig inspection, logistics optimization and vendor management. We’re dedicated to delivering the right people, with the right knowledge and experience.

Tikigaq-Cenergy is a partnership between Tikigaq Corporation and Cenergy. The partnership provides ownership, training and employment opportunities to Tikigaq’s nearly 1,400 Inupiat shareholders, and a highly-skilled, reliable workforce for clients in the oil and gas industry. Through our partnership Tikigaq-Cenergy has created a highly sought-after, skilled workforce with unique arctic experience.

A global certified woman-owned company, Cenergy boasts a zero Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for three years. The company specializes in finding and providing exploration and production experts, geologists and other technical professionals, highly qualified engineers, HSSE advisors/trainers, rig supervisors and dispatch clerks.

Tikigaq-Cenergy provide logistics assistance by meeting its clients’ planning, dispatching and tracking needs for marine, air and ground transportation. Rig inspection is the newest Cenergy focus, with the acquisition of a highly-skilled rig inspection team.

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Work Philosophy

Safety First

Tikigaq-Cenergy is dedicated to safety and our safety records prove it. Our staff and personnel are tested and trained in health, safety, security and environmental work practices. All Tikigaq-Cenergy personnel are subject to pre-deployment, and random drug and alcohol testing. We stress industry best safety practices such as Job Hazard Analysis, Stop Work Authority and Behavior Based Safety. We also provide a client-specific orientation to ensure our personnel understand your specific environment.

Performance Ready

Finding the right people with the right experience is what we do. We specialize in providing exploration and production experts, geologists and other technical professionals, highly-qualified engineers, HSSE advisors/trainers, rig supervisors and dispatch clerks. Regardless of what you need, you can rely on Tikigaq-Cenergy to provide personnel that are performance ready.

Passionate Service

Our staff work tirelessly to recruit and retain the best people in the industry and our experienced account teams understand your requirements and needs. Exceptional, quality service is our passion and no one will work harder for you than Tikigaq-Cenergy.

Global Network

Tikigaq-Cenergy’s offices in Alaska and Virginia combined with Cenergy’s locations in Canada, Singapore, Australia, and across the continental U.S. give our clients access to a network of consultants that span the globe—providing resources to the most remote locations.

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Project Experience

Specialized Energy Personnel

  • HSSE
  • Inspection
  • Logistics
  • Drilling
  • Operators
  • Project Management
  • Professional Personnel
  • Technical Personnel
  • Administrative Support
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Dispatching
  • Engineering
  • Personnel
  • Facilities
  • Geology
  • Auditing

Safety Management

  • AFE Data Input
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Compliance Management
  • Evaluations of Programs
  • Facilitate SSE Program
  • With Mentoring
  • Health and Safety Audits
  • ISNetworld/PEC Premier
  • (Management)
  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • JSA Preparation
  • JSA Review


  • Aviation Support
  • Helicopter Landing Officers
  • Helicopter Deck Assistants
  • Baggage Handlers
  • Counter Personnel
  • Marine Support
  • On and Offshore Dispatchers
  • Rig Clerks
  • HSSE Safety Advisors
  • Marine Auditors
  • Administrative Support Staff

Rig inspection

  • Project Management
  • Full Condition Inspections
  • API 4G Derrick Inspections
  • Personnel Assessment
  • Dynamic Positioning Audits
  • Complete Well
  • Control Services
  • Lifting Gear Inspections (LEEA Certified)
  • NDT Services
  • Thermographic Inspection

Vendor management

  • HSSE On-Boarding
  • Drug Screening
  • Training
  • Certification Verification
  • Contract and Insurance Compliance (Insurances backed by Cenergy)
  • Third-Party Billing (Single Invoice)
  • Invoice Accountability (Ensures Accurate Invoicing)

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Tikigaq-Cenergy, LLC

Contact: Michelle Steward

301 W. Northern Lights Blvd., Suite 660

Anchorage, AK 99503

Phone: (907) 365-6299

Fax: (907) 365-6250

Michelle Steward, Account Manager

Michelle Steward is the Account Manager for Tikigaq-Cenergy, LLC.  Ms. Steward grew up in Alaska, attended the University of Massachusetts, and has spent most of her professional career in Executive Recruiting and Client Relations. Michelle  is currently responsible for developing client relationships and providing workplace solutions to the energy and construction industries.

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