Our Vision and Guiding Principles

Our Vision:

Through respect of shareholder ownership and tradition, with a foundation of trust and unity, we will sustain profitability, culture and success.

Our Guiding Principles:

Perform with: Integrity, Humanity, Knowledge, Spirituality, Cooperation and Quality Service.

Think positively, act positively, speak positively, and live positively = a positive bottom line.


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Board of Directors

The Tikigaq Corporation Board of Directors plays an integral role in the corporation. The board meets once per month in Point Hope, Alaska. All of the board members, with the exception of one, live in Point Hope.

The Tikigaq Corporation Board of Directors is made up of nine elected positions. Each year, there are three seats up for election, each seat for a three-year term. Each year, at the Tikigaq Corporation Annual Meeting in Point Hope, the shareholders elect the directors by the three highest votes. Shareholders can submit nomination forms to be put on the ballot, and must be 18-years-old.

Tikigaq Corporation Board of Directors:

Herbert Kinneeveauk, Jr., President

Clark Lane, Sr., Vice President

Sayers Tuzroyluk, Sr., Chairman

Elmer Frankson, Vice Chairman

Violet O. Attungana, Treasurer

Hazel Oktollik, Corporate Secretary

Aqquilluk Hank, Sr., Board Member

Rex Allen Kakianaaq Rock, Jr., Board Member

Dasiy Sage, Board Member

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Herbert Kinneeveauk, Jr.
President and CEO
Tel: 907-368-2235
Fax: 907-368-2668
Email: pkinne@tikigaq.com


Clark Lane, Sr.
Vice President
Tel: 907-368-2235
Fax: 907-368-2668
Email: clane@tikigaq.com



Troy Izatt
Tel: 907-365-6299
Fax: 907-365-6250
Email: tizatt@tikigaq.com





Mike Janson
Tel: 907-365-6299
Fax: 907-365-6250
Email: mjanson@tikigaq.com





Steven Fields
General Manager for Tikigaq Construction, LLC
Tel: 907-365-6299
Fax: 907-365-6120
Email: sfields@tikigaq.com



David Leadenham
Environmental Services Division Manager
General Manager for Agviq Environmental Services, LLC
Tel: 757-318-9420
Fax: 757-318-9421
Email: dleadenham@tikigaq.com


Steve Matney
General Manager for Agviq, LLC
Tel: 757-573-4585
Fax: 757-318-9421
Email: smatney@tikigaq.com



Aqquilluk Hank, Sr.
Point Hope Native Store and The Whaler’s Inn
Tel: 907-368-3000
Fax: 907-368-2778
e-mail: ahank@tikigaq.com



Candice Burke
Sr. Executive Administrator for Tikigaq Corporation
Tel: 907-365-6299
Fax: 907-365-6250
e-mail: cburke@tikigaq.com

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