Arts and Crafts

Traditional Arts and Crafts

Point Hope is a subsistence community, and the creation of arts and crafts is a time-honored tradition. Some of the artwork that Point Hope is notorious for includes baleen baskets, bone masks, Eskimo yo-yos, ivory and bone carvings, ivory and baleen jewelry and scrimshaw pieces. Tikigaq Corporation frequently purchases Native arts and crafts from Tikigaq shareholders to help support their subsistence lifestyle. The artwork from Point Hope is very diverse and we display these items for sale in our display case at our Anchorage office location. Tikigaq Corporation also purchases booth space at many of the arts and craft fairs throughout Anchorage, where people often come seeking a particular item or work by a particular artist. If we do not have a certain item, we can help the customer get in contact with the artist.

If you are interested in purchasing some arts and crafts from Point Hope, Alaska please contact our office at 907-365-6299.

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