Tikigaq Corporation Announces Shareholder Dividend 2014

Tikigaq Corporation Announces Shareholder Dividend 02-03-2014

The Tikigaq Corporation Board of Directors is pleased to announce that at its January 31st Board Meeting they approved a Shareholder dividend distribution of $1.35 per share to Shareholders of Record of Class A and Class C shares dated February 28, 2014.


Those funds will be distributed in March 2014.


This dividend is the second dividend in a row which aligns itself with the mission and goals of the strategic plan, and allows for growth in the corporation.  This is another important milestone for Tikigaq and its Shareholders. It represents 16% of our Net Income after Taxes for Fiscal Year 2013.


This Shareholder dividend distribution is made entirely from Tikigaq’s paid-in capital account.  Because the distribution is paid from this account per Section 21(a) of ANCSA (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) the distribution is not subject to any form of Federal, State or Local taxation.


In addition to this dividend, Tikigaq contributes each year to education, medical, dental, funeral and burial assistance, economic development, and other important social and cultural programs for shareholders.


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