To provide high quality, cost-effective services to our clients while building the corporation’s assets in order to enrich the Native way of life and to provide opportunities for our shareholders.

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Tikigaq Construction, LLC, is composed of a team of qualified personnel, providing expertise in construction, project management, renovations, maintenance, and other construction-related services.  We work with our clients to ensure customer satisfaction, quality projects/products, and cost-effective services. We believe the key to any successful project is gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and focusing our attention on satisfying those needs.

Tikigaq Construction has a proven track record of arctic construction capabilities.  Our experienced staff includes project managers, field and site managers, and maintenance and facilities managers.

At Tikigaq Construction, our vision is to remain on the leading edge of the industry by developing and executing to the highest standards.

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Project Experience

The following summaries represent some of our projects:

Surface Debris Clearance of Range Debris – MCB Quantico, Virginia
Remove surface debris from 681 acres of active range at MCB Quantico. Part of a larger overall base operation plan to routinely keep range debris low such that the active site remained safe. Nearly 16 tons of range debris (RD) was removed from the site including 150 lbs. of munitions debris (MD). There was a total of 12 live UXO items found during the surface clearance activities. All items were turned over to the MCB Range Control EOD Unit.  No explosive destructions occurred under this contract. All MD and RD were demilitarized before eventual shipment to an off-site recycle facility.

Point Hope Water and Sewer Project (Tikigaq/CONAM)
Implementation of all phases of the project included engineering design through construction and installation of a vacuum system. This project relied heavily on local labor pools and equipment. The Tikigaq project team played an important role in maintaining project schedules and providing technical assistance and training.

Equipment Warm Storage Buildings – Point Hope, Alaska
Constructed an 86’ x 89’ and 63’ x 86’ pre-engineered steel warm storage building for Heavy Equipment.

Area Wide New Housing Project – Point Hope, Alaska
Constructed six new homes in Point Hope using post and pad type foundations.

Ten Home Project – Point Hope/North Slope Borough, Alaska
Constructed 10 new homes in Point Hope using post and pad type foundations.

Search and Rescue Building – Point Hope, Alaska
Constructed a 30’ x 50’ pre-engineered steel building for search and rescue personnel.

Tikigaq School Renovation – Point Hope/North Slope Borough, Alaska
Constructed school addition, renovated classrooms and utility areas of the school.

Public Safety Office Remodel – Point Hope, Alaska
Constructed approximately a 30’ x 50’ garage area addition to existing building including backup generator and fuel day tank systems.

Point Hope Health Clinic Remodel – Point Hope, Alaska
Remodeled existing building and constructed 4,000 sq. ft. new addition.

Plumbing Upgrades – Twenty Homes, Point Hope, Alaska
Installed new supply and drainage systems as required, remodeled kitchens, added flush toilets and bathroom sinks.

Point Hope US Postal Service Building – Point Hope, Alaska (Tikigaq/CONAM)
New Post Office building constructed from the ground up using post and pad type foundations.

Point Hope Fire Station Remodel – Point Hope, Alaska
Removed and repaired deteriorated structural members in the fire station floor.  Project included demolition down to 50 percent of the structural metal, removal of damaged wood piles, diamond plate surfacing, sub-soffit and 4’ x 6’ decking.  Building was restored back to original condition. An oil/water separator with pump and sensors was added to auto-pump trench drain.

Point Hope Airport Maintenance/Snow Removal – Point Hope, Alaska
Maintain Point Hope runway, loading areas and state road from the village to the airport on a daily basis.

Marryat Lagoon Repair – Point Hope, Alaska (Tikigaq/Brice)
Repairs to barrier between the lagoon and the ocean.  Approximately 50 foot section of the barrier had been washed through. Section was backfilled and compacted to re-establish the barrier back to original conditions.

Privatization of Waste Management & Public Works Services – North Slope, Alaska
Contract with the North Slope Borough for village maintenance which includes: plowing the snow off the roads daily during the winter, supply water and sewage services to homes not on the main systems, collection and removal of trash to the land fill, assisting the local residence with snow plowing as required.

Point Hope Power Plant Generator Replacement – Point Hope, Alaska
Installed a new 910kw diesel-powered electric generator in the existing power plant at Point Hope. The project included modifying the existing power plant building to accommodate the new mechanical and electrical systems for the complete installation of the new generator.

Point Hope Weatherization & Emergency Housing – North Slope, Alaska
Updated facilities and weatherizing homes in Point Hope. The facilities that were updated include the search and rescue facility, generator and the USDW buildings. Work included miscellaneous floor structural repairs, removal and replacement of interior walls, re-plumb fuel systems and add day tank, replaced existing flooring and underlayment, replaced/repaired damaged doors, replaced interior and exit locking devices. RELI included weatherization of homes (i.e., adding rigid and blown insulation, air sealing, and adding new exterior siding).

AST – STI Inspections ACOE, Alaska Sites (Tikigaq/CONTI)
Inspection of fuel tanks under STI-SP001 inspection of approximately 1,000 above ground fuel tanks for the Army Corp of Engineers. This includes inspections in Alaska, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Guam.

Fort Wainwright Quick Fix Upgrades – Wainwright, Alaska
Multiple award contract to sustain, renovate and modernize current facilities on Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Construction includes all aspects necessary to maintain and upgrade these facilities. Tikigaq is currently in the third year of the five-year contract.

Range Clearance – Camp Lejeune, North Carolina (NAVFAC)
Tikigaq Construction was contracted by Naval Facilities Engineering Command Mid-Atlantic to perform range surface clearance activities for the Gulf 10 Impact Area at Marine Corps Installation Range Complex, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, North Carolina. Scope included the removal of surface munitions, materials potentially presenting an explosive hazard and range related debris larger than eight inches in length within 980 acres.

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Key Personnel

The following are overviews of the key personnel at Tikigaq Construction:

Dalton Seder, Division Manager

Mr.  Seder, a United States Air Force Veteran, Wayland Baptist University graduate and Alaska resident, is the Tikigaq Construction Services Division Manager.  As the Division Manager, he oversees and is responsible for the operations and support for all subsidiaries within the Construction Services Division to include; Tikigaq Construction LLC, Tikigaq Federal Services LLC, and the soon to be Tikigaq Constructors LLC.  Mr. Seder has a B.S. in Management, extensive military leadership training and a 10 + year background in construction to include; utility infrastructure, residential construction, and commercial concrete.


James Daniel, General Manager

Mr. Daniel has over 20 years of experience in progressive responsibilities related to construction management and contracting, with an emphasis over the last 12 years on heavy civil construction and government contracting. In his 20 plus years of construction management Mr. Daniel has refined his technical understanding of contracting utilizing budget and schedule management, resource optimization and operational efficiencies to support and serve the client/end users needs.  During his tenure with Tikigaq Construction, LLC Mr. Daniel has held escalating positions of responsibility from project manager/estimator to Program Manager, then Senior Program Manager and was promoted to General Manager in August of 2018.

Mr. Daniel has managed contracts administered by numerous Governmental agencies within the continental US and US territories including GSA, SSA, USACE, USIBWC, NAVFAC and Airforce. He has significant experience in working within the confines of Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and flow down contracting. He has managed a wide range of contracting disciplines from heavy civil to vertical construction, examples include; pump station upgrades, installation of pile and whaler systems, levee construction, deep soil stabilization, vertical and horizontal concrete installations, infrastructure, public building renovations,  and design build construction services on public, private and commercial properties.


Stephen Christensen

Mr. Christensen has 33 years of documented record of successes in overseeing all phases of multimillion-dollar construction, infrastructure, facility support, superfund and environmental projects for government and private-sector clients.  His experience includes managing multiple construction projects in both the traditional bid-build as well as design-bid-build formats and is backed by strong credentials and a proven history of managing multiple projects on-time, on-budget and high quality project completions while always maintaining the highest level of project safety.  Mr.  Christensen directly manages all aspects of projects in compliance with the SOW, work plans and all federal, state and local laws and regulations.  Mr. Christensen prides himself with working knowledge of all construction aspects:  trades, equipment operation, contractual guidelines, project safety all direct management roles needed for all phases of job operation.  Mr. Christensen, as Director of Operations, is fully responsible for the implementation of all projects, developing project teams, and monitoring the overall success of Tikigaq’s projects globally.


Steven Fields, Quality Control Manager

Mr. Fields is a Registered Professional Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in design, management, inspection and building of various types of construction projects.  His responsibilities include management and inspection of construction projects, cost analysis, bid processes, sub-contractor scheduling and meetings and material procurement. He has worked on residential, commercial, environmental and industrial projects, including historical restorations.  He is well versed in all aspects of the construction process – from design and bidding to the finished project. Projects have included most contracting types including MATOC (IDIQ) awards; they also varied in size, scope, detail, and magnitude.  He has worked on projects throughout Alaska and is uniquely familiar with cold weather climates and associated logistics in meeting barge and freight considerations. The logistical experience gained through these projects continues to enhance performance of new and existing contracts throughout the organization. Prior to moving to Alaska, he worked on projects in the contiguous United States, primarily in Kansas and New Mexico.  Mr. Fields was a licensed contractor in New Mexico from 1984 to 2003. As the Responsible Managing Employee for the majority of our Contractor Licenses in the contiguous United States, Mr. Fields maintains his CEU requirements and stays current with the latest improvements in the Construction Industry.


Jeff Barton, Program Manager

Mr. Barton has over 29 years of experience as a project manager, civil engineer, construction manager, hydro-electric and combined cycle power plant and renewable energy industries.  As an Assistant General Manager he directed 5 departments (137 employees) including, Civil Engineering Design and Regulatory Compliance; Water Resources and Regulatory Affairs; Don Pedro Recreation Agency Operations.  He managed an administration budget in excess of $17 million annually.  Mr. Barton has been a Project Manager for a range of projects including multi-level parking structures, office building construction and remodeling, municipal road and infrastructure improvements, and renewable energy projects (solar, wind, hydro, and fuel cell). Mr. Barton is the Program Manager for large heavy construction projects including USACE levee improvements, USACE bridge security measures, and DOD Army base facilities maintenance and operations.  Mr. Barton has been a Resident Engineer for two natural gas fired combined cycle power plants in California valued at 450 million.  He provided oversight for field engineering staff; reviewed construction for conformance with plans, specifications and codes; provided oversight on all QA/QC processes and documentation; directed special inspection process and verified lab results and reports.


Tory Passalacqua, Program Manager

Mr. Passalacqua has over six years of experience in the construction field in various roles from Site Superintendent, Project Manager to currently a Program Manager.  He has a B.S. in Engineering Management with a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  Mr. Passalacqua is well versed in all aspects of the construction process – from design and bidding to the finished project.  His responsibilities include management, cost analysis, technical oversight, scheduling, procurement, estimating, planning, quality controls, and submittals.  He maintains close communication and coordination with the client for the duration of the projects, and oversees project managers.  His projects have included most contracting types including IDIQ awards, and they have varied in size, scope, detail and magnitude.  He has extensive experience in commercial, federal and industrial areas.


Janelle Cobb, Business Capabilities Manager

Ms. Cobb has 27 years of experience in all financial, accounting and administrative functions within the diverse industries of construction, engineering, architecture, oil and gas, transportation, inspection, survey, aggregate, mining, landfill, natural gas distribution, and environmental industries with emphasis on program and project management.  The clients include local, state, federal and commercial customers.  For the past 7 ½ years she has worked as the Chief Financial Officer of Tikigaq Corporation based in Alaska.  She has experience in strategic management, staff development/leadership, administrative management, process optimization and controls, banking and cash management, budgeting and forecast management, human resources, benefits, cost accounting, system conversions and implementations, insurance and risk management, government accounting and compliance reporting, contract management, contract negotiations, and policies and procedures.  This includes ensuring the company’s financial and operational efficiency.  She has overseen operations in various state and overseas locations.  She has achieved DCAA approved accounting systems, as well as DCMA CPSR certification.  She has experience in SBA 8(a), HUBZone, and DOT DBE certifications.  In the past has been an ISO 9000 compliance site lead auditor and experienced facility security officer.


Gordon Omnik, Project Manager

Mr. Omnik, a native of Point Hope, Alaska has extensive experience in construction management, staff development, contract negotiation, contract management and the supervision of technical staff.  Mr. Omnik has managed construction projects such as the North Slope Borough area wide new housing project in Point Hope (the project was for construction of six family units with a contract amount of $1,966,967). He has also managed the Point Hope airport maintenance program. Mr. Omnik has managed contracts for the North Slope Borough, the city of Point Hope, plus renovations and upgrades to the Native store and local churches.  The amounts for these projects totaled more than $500,000.

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Tikigaq Construction, LLC

Headquaters – Wasilla

Contact: Dalton Seder, Division Manager

701 S Knik Goose Bay Road

Suite M

Wasilla, AK 99654

Phone:  (907)864-6150

Fax:  (907)357-5452


Principal Office – Mobile

2614 Halls Mill Rd

Mobile, AL 36606

Phone: (251) 443-1155

Fax: (251)-443-1140


Point Hope Office

817 Qalgi Avenue

Point Hope, Alaska  99766

Phone:  (907) 368-2235

Fax:  (907) 368-2531


Fairbanks Office

600 3rd Street, Suite 201

Fairbanks, Alaska  99701

Phone:  (907) 455-0375

Fax:  (907) 455-0376


Virginia Beach Office

2809 Lynnhaven Rd. Suite 100

Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Phone: (757) 318-9420

Fax: (757) 318-9421


Texas Office

8002 Westway Drive

Harlingen, TX 78552

Phone: (956) 609-5529


Guam Office

643 Chalan San Antonio, Ste 106,

Tamuning GU 96913

Phone (671) 969-2133




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