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Pride, Performance, and Purpose are best characterized in the way we do business. Our core principles form the foundation of how we work together and utilize resources available to us to serve our customers… ultimately Tikigaq Shareholders.

Contract Vehicles

Tikigaq holds a portfolio of government-wide acquisition contract vehicles, basic ordering agreements, and  agency specific Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQs) that provide access to the services and support required for fulfilling contract needs. Our long history of delivering successful contract operations provides tailored services to meet mission objectives while utilizing Tikigaq’s expertly specialized capabilities. 

Tikigaq management and operational personnel have extensive experience with ANCs, working with the Federal Government and generating an impressive portfolio of representative projects within the environmental, remediation, construction, operations, maintenance & support services sectors.


Tikigaq has a thorough understanding of what it takes to do the job and prices it realistically… utilizing insight and cost-efficient innovative solutions.


Tikigaq family of companies are Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) with certified 8(a), Small Bussiness & Small Disadvantaged, and HUBZone certified business.

Benefits of Contracting With Tikigaq

Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) were established in 1971 when the United States Congress passed the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) which settled land and financial claims made by Alaska Natives and provided for the establishment of 13 regional corporations to administer those claims. Following establishment, Congress gave ANCs unique rights in federal contracting. These rights provide Federal agencies strong incentives to contract with tribal and ANC firms. These incentives include:


The SBA can waive the two-year-in-business rule for tribal and ANC-owned firms. 13 CFR124.112(c)(6)


Joint Venture Requirements – A Joint Venture between an ANC 8(a) and a non-8(a) company can be awarded sole source 8(a) contracts above the competitive threshold [13 CFR 124.506(b)(4)] as long as it meets the requirements of 13 CFR 124.513.


Indian Incentive Program Advantages – Indian-owned economic enterprises shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in performing contracts awarded by Federal agencies [FAR 26.102]. In fulfilling this requirement, the Indian Incentive Program allows an incentive payment equal to 5% of the amount paid to a subcontractor in performing the contract. Prime contractors and tier-1 “Management & Operating” contracts can use this program [FAR 26.103].


Follow-on Contract Options – Tikigaq companies can be awarded follow-on contracts for work that was previously performed by non-Tikigaq companies’ 8(a) ANC firms and are otherwise considered ineligible due to subsidiary follow-on restrictions [13 CFR 124.109(c)(3)(ii)].

Sole Source/Direct Award

Through our 8(a) ANC status, Tikigaq family of companies can receive sole source contracts, providing our clients with a streamlined avenue to specialized capabilities. Subcontracts awarded to Tikigaq subsidiaries can also be counted towards a Prime Contractor’s small business goals.


8(a) firms owned by ANCs may receive sole source (direct award) contracts regardless of dollar amount. 13 CFR 124.506(b)

Large Award Thresholds – ANC 8(a) companies can be awarded a sole source contract up to $22 million without Justification & Approval [13 CFR 124.506(b)]. For awards larger than $22 million, Agencies follow the Justification & Approval process [NDAA FY 2010 Sec. 811; 48 CFR 6.303].


As of March 17, 2020, Department of Defense procurement valued at $100 million or less can be awarded without justification or approval for award. This is lieu of the $22 million threshold in FAR 6.302-5(b)(4), 6.303-1(b), 6.303-2(d), and 19.808-1(a).

Sole-source contracts to ANC 8(a) companies may not be protested, because there is no injured party. 13 CFR 124.517(a)


Direct Award Procedure:

  • Tikigaq subsidiary identifies opportunity with Agency

  • Agency prepares scope of work and RFP

  • Agency submits Offering Letter to Business Opportunity Specialist, Stephen Roberts, in SBA-Alaska District office

  • SBA approves Tikigaq subsidiary as an eligible 8(a) concern, accepts offering on behalf of Tikigaq subsidiary and sends an Acceptance Letter to the Agency

  • Tikigaq subsidiary prepares a proposal and submits to Agency

  • Agency negotiates with Tikigaq subsidiary and awards contract

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