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We embrace a shared purpose to build exceptional people, trusting relationships, successful projects, and strong communities… for everyone we serve.


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Tikigaq Corporation is an Alaska Native Village Corporation situated in Point Hope, Alaska.  Tikigaq was established in 1973 under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). 


Tikigaq’s 1900 shareholders are Iñupiaq people native to northwest Alaska. Many shareholders still reside in Point Hope, their ancestral village, relying on the land for subsistence as their forefathers did. Tikigaq understands the importance of teaching their children the cultural and spiritual significance of the Iñupiaq lifestyle that bridges generations and connects shareholders to each other, to their ancestors, their culture, and to their land. The Iñupiaq have flourished in one of the harshest environments on earth because their lifestyle is guided by strong core values they have not deviated from.


The same values that have kept our shareholders and their ancestors sheltered, safe and sustained throughout the ages are now guiding Tikigaq companies. This sincere approach to business has made Tikigaq companies’ leaders in diverse and specific markets allowing us to best support both our customers and our shareholders.

About Us

Tikigaq has thrived from lessons learned and successes earned. Tikigaq is a relationship-based family of companies. This is one of our universal business practices.  We partner with other businesses and our customers to develop long-term relationships, get to know their fundamental purposes and business objectives, advocate for their interests as our own, and help them realize their vision. Our Vision, Mission and Values are inspired by our aggregate history, our successful relationships, and our promising future. All activities are performed to the highest degree… with respect, transparency, and compliance-based core values.


Our Mission:

To provide high quality, cost-effective services to our clients while building the corporation’s assets in order to enrich the Native way of life and to provide opportunities for our shareholders.

Our Vision:

Through respect of shareholder ownership and tradition, with a foundation of trust and unity, we will sustain profitability, culture and success.

Our Values:

Tikigaq’s unwavering convictions govern the way we do business. Our philosophy is designed around our core values:

  • Integrity

  • Humanity

  • Knowledge

  • Spirituality

  • Cooperation

  • Quality Service

  • Accountability

Small Business Program

As a small business, Tikigaq recognizes the important contributions in collaborating with other small businesses in promoting innovation while creating job growth and sustaining our country’s economy. We believe that small businesses, like ourselves, including small disadvantaged women-owned, veteran-owned, service disabled veteran-owned, historically underutilized business zone (HUBZone) as well as historically black colleges and universities/minority institutions (HBCU/MI) further improve awareness and expertise to assist us in supporting our customers and their missions.

Tikigaq family of companies are all small businesses, some are 8(a) certified and HUBZone certified. We also partner with large businesses, participate in the mentor protégé program and promote local hire in the locations we work.

Commitment to Military and Veteran Engagement 

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

Dedicated and capable men and women of the armed forces serve and protect our nation. Tikigaq is proud to support them in employment, business partnering, subcontracting, vendors and suppliers.

Health, Safety, Quality, Environment

We know that safety does not occur by chance.  It is the result of careful attention to all company operations, by all who are directly and indirectly involved. Our culture celebrates accountability and motivates employees at all levels to maintain occupational health and safety as our most important value. We strive for the highest level of safety performance in all aspects of our business as demonstrated in our comprehensive safety organization, training, tools, and programs. Tikigaq takes these responsibilities seriously and are relentless in our commitment to preventing injuries and accidents.


Quality is a fundamental part of Tikigaq’s work statement. The pride we realize in a successfully completed project is exemplified with a satisfied customer.

We believe in holding ourselves accountable in making the world a better place through the insight and solutions we provide, our community commitment, the way we do business, and our allegiance to protect people and the environment.

Ethics and Compliance 

We want to do business the right way. We want to be the best at what we do while never compromising on integrity.  Tikigaq’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Policy applies to everyone at Tikigaq, our partners, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers.


Tikigaq is organized and managed across four cohesive markets: Construction, Environmental Services, Base Operations, and Maintenance and Support Services. Each support multiple aligned service sectors.


Tikigaq family of companies is a trusted partner serving multiple government and commercial customers on numerous projects globally. Tikigaq works with all federal departments, agencies, including all branches of the military, states, municipalities, boroughs, and village corporations. From office locations throughout the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico, Tikigaq is ready to serve our customers anywhere.  

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